Outer Hebrides

OHBR fungi workshop
Outer Hebrides Biological Recording Fungi Field Workshop

Recording Fungi in the Outer Hebrides

Our current knowledge of the diversity of fungi found in the Outer Hebrides (Watsonian Vice-County 110) is largely based on the work of visiting professional and amateur mycologists. The species illustrated and described on this website have been recorded and photographed by Chris Johnson, a resident, amateur mycologist.

Records of fungi observed in the islands should be forwarded to Outer Hebrides Biological Recording. Full details are available on the OHBR website. Records of fungi submitted to OHBR are made publicly available via the National Biodiversity Network Atlas Scotland.

Biological recording in the Outer Hebrides is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Scottish Natural Heritage

Our knowledge of the diversity of fungal species and their distribution in the archipelago is still very patchy. The information currently available tends to reflect the interests of visiting mycologists and the sites they have visited rather than the status of the various groups of fungi within the islands. Distribution maps based on records from various sources, including OHBR, are available on the NBN Atlas Scotland, however the information is incomplete and the data should be interpreted with care.

Identifying Fungi